-Mowing & Blade Edging
-Weekly Maintenance
-Spring and Fall Clean Ups
-Gutter Cleaning
-String Trimming
-Blade Edging
-Bagging or Mulching of Grass Clippings Offered
-Blow Grass Clippings Off Paved Areas
-Customized Lawn Care Programs
-Slow Release Balanced Fertilizer
-Granular Fertilizer Only
-Organic Options Available
Weed Control
-Broad Leaf Weed Control
-Noxious Weed Control
-Soil Sterilization
-Parking Lots, Pavement Areas, Landscaped Areas
-Alley Ways
Insect Control
-Grub Control
-Sod Webworm
-Chinch Bug
-Leaf Hoppers
-Army Worm
-Cut Worms
-Bill Bugs
Aeration & Power Raking
-Core Aeration
-Back Yard Areas
-Large Acreages
-Haul Thatch
-Tall Turf Type Fescue
-Drill Seeding
-Aeration and Broadcast
Disease Control
-Leaf Spot
-Brown Patch
-Summer Patch
-Dollar Spot
-Snow Mold
-Pythium Blight
-Fusarium Blight
-Powdery Mildew
-Slime Mold

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