Summer 2011 Newsletter

What's new?
Summer is upon us and with it comes many lawn and landscape challenges. The record breaking heat and humidity, especially overnight, have caused lawn disease to manifest and spread rapidly. Summer Patch Fungus and Brown Patch Fungus is a major concern right now. We have begun treating most of our customer's lawn for these diseases. If you continue to see the expansions of the diseased areas, please email or call us so we can re-evaluate your property.

Summer Patch Fungus

Helpful Tip
Please do not water your lawn after 11:00 a.m. Try to keep the grasses and plants as dry as possible during the night-time hours.

Brown Patch Fungus

Lawns are also beginning to show the effects of the lack of precipitation we are experiencing. Crab Grass and Nut Sedge are starting to show up on curbs and other areas where soil is cracked due to dryness and pre-emergent breakdown.

Crab Grass

Nut Sedge

We will be out to do our mid-season lawn and landscape review. At this time we will treat for Crab Grass, Nut Sedge and Broadleaf Weeds.

Lawn Application, Round #4 will begin in late August. We will be applying Balanced Fertilizer and a complete Broadleaf Weed control.

Fall Aerations and Over Seeding will begin in mid-September. More information on these and other services will be available in a couple weeks.

Thank you and try to stay cool!
Doug McIntosh