Early Summer 2012 Newsletter

Summer is upon us early this year and it has brought on many lawn and landscape challenges. The record breaking heat and winds are drying out lawns, landscape beds and trees. It is very important that your lawn and landscape plants receive at least 1" of water every week either by rainfall or your watering practice. Do not let your lawn go dormant or we will be fighting crabgrass, broadleaf weeds and lawn diseases all summer long.

Hot night conditions are beginning to cause lawn diseases to manifest and spread. Summer Patch Fungus and Brown Patch Fungus will be a major concern this year if these weather conditions stay the same. Watering is important, but do no water your lawn between 2pm and 5am. Try to keep the grasses and plants as dry as possible over the night hours. If you see any signs of lawn disease, please contact us so we can evaluate your property.

Lawn application, round #2 has begun. We are applying balanced fertilizer, pre-emergent and a complete broadleaf weed control.

We are about to complete our rust and scab, diplodia, and bagworm tree and shrub treatments. We will be beginning treatments for spider mites and aphids soon.

Thank you for your lawn and landscape maintenance business!

Doug McIntosh