Summer 2013 Newsletter

The dog days of summer are upon us. The cicadas are screeching in the trees, reminding all of us that Husker football will soon be playing again at Memorial Stadium!

So far, 2013 has been a little easier on our lawns and landscapes than 2012. We can always use a little more rain, but, after last year's record breaking drought, 2013 has been a lot easier to manage and maintain.


The grub worms will be feeding on the roots of turf soon, but Round #3 and Grub Worm Control has been applied and well watered into the soil. There will always be grubs in your lawn, but, once the grubs start feeding on the roots, the systemic herbicide will eradicate the pests. If you are one of the few customers who do not have grub control as an application in your Lawn Care Program, it is not too late to have your lawn treated for these pests. Please contact us to have this application applied.

Keep you sprinkler system in good working order. If you need help repairing or programming your sprinkler system, please contact us. Turf, plants, and trees need to be well irrigated.

Starting about 3 weeks ago, lawn diseases started to infest lawns. These diseases thrive in hot humid weather, especially when these conditions are present during the night time hours. Different diseases require different remedies. Some diseases can be controlled by applying more nitrogen, while others need to be suppressed by applying a specific and targeted fungicide. As in the past, we will be applying fungicides, nitrogen, and iron, as needed, in an attempt to keep your lawn and landscapes as healthy and vibrant as mother nature will allow.

Most insecticide and fungicide applications for your trees, shrubs, and plants have been applied in full for 2013. There may be a late hatch of aphids and tent caterpillars later in August, but we will monitor and treat that on a case by case basis.

Keep us advised if you see any dead or dying trees on your property. Pines, which get Pine Wilt Disease, should be removed as soon as the symptoms are spotted or the chance of the disease spreading is greatly enhanced.


Thank you for the great response on the email I sent out regarding our endeavor to become a little more green by using emails to do some of your invoicing. It was amazing for an "old school" guy like myself to see the positive response for this option. Some customers requested to still receive their statements via US Postal, which is just fine. I was surprised to see how many of our customers preferred the email option. We may have a few bumps and hurdles to go through as we refine this email option, but we will do our best to make this move as simple as possible.


1. We have secured a very good price for Tall Turf Fescue seed. If your lawn is thinning, has shade damage, or you would like a grass that is drought, insect and disease resistant, let us give you a free estimate for over seeding.
2. Trees, bushes, and shrubs should be trimmed in the fall early enough to heal before the winter freeze, especially with regards to ornamental and/or fruit trees. Contact us for a free estimate.
3. Throughout the last two years, a lot of our landscape bed mulching customers have switched from wood mulch to river rock. The river rock is a permanent solution for a landscape cover. It does not lose color, deteriorate, blow or wash away, and doesn't need replacing each year. I have also switched at my personal residence. I do not recommend river rocking around tree rings, but, in large and irrigated beds, this ground cover option pays for itself over very few years.

Thank you for your business.

Doug & Laura McIntosh